The pursuit of Happiness


The Pursuit of Happiness by Douglas Kennedy is one of the few contemporary novels which has as the main topic Love and which did not annoy me. On the contrary.

Target audience? Women and young girls alike, but also men and young boys who, for example, are interested in McCarthy period in US.

Where and when? New York, 1945 – present.

Strong points? The love story between Sara Smythe and Jack Malone, the battle on loyalty and moral principles field, the pleasant writing, without cheap stylistic mambo jumbo, the consequences of an erratic destiny, and the author’s unique talent to know how a woman thinks and act (and especially why!).

Weak points? Sometimes the intense analysis steals from the reader the pleasure to struggle hard in finding explanations for certain decisions taken by the characters.

Favorite characters? By far, Sara, Strong, independent, ready to fight with everybody and everything. Besides this, she remains super sane after everything happening to her.

Convince me! The aberrant tragedies of the McCarthy period. You will want to find out more afterwards and you will remain stunned to discover that such things occurred in a country which is considered the ultimate ambassador of democracy and freedom.

Bonus? A brother-sister relationship to die for. Flabbergasting betrayals.

Stars? 8 plus. 🙂