The Tree of Life


The Tree of Life by Christian Jacq opens a sensational series: The Mysteries of Osiris.

Target audience? Readers fascinated by old civilizations, but especially those who love Ancient Egypt.

Where and when? Abydos, Memphis, during the pharaoh Sesostris’ reign.

Strong points? Unexpected adventures, the slow discovery of a far away world with interesting religious rituals and beliefs, with picturesque characters and funnily appealing names, with enough twist and turns to keep you hooked, conspiracies and a main hero, lacking physical strength, but compensating with a big heart and a lot of brains.

Weak points? Sometimes, the lingering action might not be appreciated by our nowadays fast readers who usually wish non-stop facts, and more facts…and again some more facts. Have patience, ladies and gentlemen, the end of the world is not near. 🙂 You will not regret it.

Favorite characters? North-Wind! An exceptional donkey! 😀 But also Iker, General Sepi, General Nesmontu…

Convince-me! The Herald! If you pay attention, you will discover an uncanny similarity with a “character” of our times. Equally bastard!

Bonus? You will join a magic journey, which will marvelously continue in the next novels of the series!

Stars? 8 plus.