Midnight Voices


Midnight Voices by John Saul very clearly belongs to the horror genre. And not any horror. But one which freaks you out…by the book.

Target audience? Obviously everybody who loves this genre, but also readers who appreciate a good plot, interesting characters and a great story-teller.

Where and when? New York, modern times.

Strong points? The suspense and the desire to find out what exactly is going on in the building where the characters move become almost unbearable.  The horrific explanations you start to suspect as the story moves forward, but you constantly refuse them as your mind cannot cope with them.

Weak points? The too naive mother who falls in the claws of the bad guys too easily. Sometimes you feel like slapping her.

Favorite characters? Virginia and Irene – the creepiest and the most dubious old ladies. Absolutely horror like!

Convince-me! The bizarre building doorman, who is a favorite topic for whispering in the corners. Is he really a troll? 😀

Bonus? Lavinia Dolameci, Elena Conesici, Gheorghe Birtin… Names with Romanian resonance. Are they important? 🙂 Read and you will find out how come Romania is present in this novel. 🙂

Stars? 8 plus. Almost 9 for the negative characters that make your hair stand on end! 😀


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