The Killing Moon


The Killing Moon by N.K. Jemisin is the first volume of the Dreamblood series.

Target audience? No matter the age, to all lovers of fairy-tales, magic tales and fantastic lands.

Where and when? The ancient city-state of Gujaareh, in a time specific to other dimensions.

Strong points? The world imagined by the author is so special and spectacular, that you have moments when you wish for the novel to never end. The main characters – Ehiru, Sunandi si Nijiri – and the way in which their relationships grow or not! The mind-blowing tenderness of the “killing” Gatherers – you will experience “wow” feelings. The flowing like a river writing style, which keeps you glued to the pages!

Weak points? I have been thinking and thinking, but I could not find anything negative (obviously for the genre to which the book belongs).

Favorite characters? Ehiru and Nijiri (the love between the master and his disciple has, at times, incredibly impressive emotional peaks).

Convince-me! The power of dreams to both kill and heal. Unique!

Bonus? The Reaper! Brilliantly evil! 😀

Stars? 9 plus. 🙂 From the bottom of my heart!


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