The Blind Assassin


The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood is the novel for which the author won Booker Prize in 2000.

Target audience? Everybody who likes “wrestling” style.

Where and when? Toronto and Ontario (1914-199), Zycron Planet (undefined).

Strong points? The “wrestling” style. One must have solid talent and crazy courage to use three different narrative styles (one more fragmented than the other) within the same novel and keep the reader’s interest at a high level all along. A very rare and precious feeling for comparisons. Their genuineness can make any writer die with envy.

Weak points? Also the “wrestling” style. It can awfully tire you, unless you have serious reading years behind you.

Favorite characters? The Blind Assassin!

Convince me! The story of the blind assassin (the so called Sci-Fi or mystery part of the novel). It is the one that keeps you glued and which you search for hungrily among the lines dedicated to the two weird sisters’ lives and (sometimes) pathetic adventures.

Bonus? I don’t have one, as I would not read this book for the second time.

Stars? 8. For ingeniousness and guts.


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